The Company

    Fazan JSCo is the first socks producing factory in Bulgaria, established in 1927 in the town of Rousse. It is founded as Bulgarian-Israel company for socks manufacturing. At present it is a public company with more than 3200 shareholders after the privatization in 1997. Main shareholder is Stara Planina Holding, which has 72% capital funds.
    The company has wide spread supplies network, covering the whole Bulgaria territory. We are major sock supplier for Bulgarian Police and the Department of Defense.
From a leader in the local market, at present Fazan JSCo sells 92% of its production abroad. The products are well known in the countries from EC (Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria), Eastern Europe (Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania), USA and UAE.
     Our most important customers are: Great Britain - TESCO, Woolworth's, PRIMARK; Ireland - Dunne's; France - Carrefour, CECH, ARBO; Germany - OTTO VERSAND, C&A, Globus.

Fazan Joint-Stock Company

Fazan JSCo

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